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Helpful Hints While Wearing a Cast

Below are some tips to keeping your cast - and your morale - in good condition throughout your recovery.

Keep your splint or cast dry Moisture weakens plaster and damp padding next to the skin can cause irritation. This doesn't mean you can't take a shower or enjoy a swim! We carry cast shower covers and waterproof cast protectors that can withstand any water activity, indoors or out.

Avoid dirt Keep dirt, sand, and powder away from the inside of your splint or cast.

Padding Do not pull out the padding from your splint or cast.

Itching Do not stick objects such as coat hangers inside the splint or cast to scratch itching skin. Do not apply powders or deodorants to itching skin. CastCooler alleviates itching and keeps foul odors at bay.

Trimming Do not break off rough edges of the cast or trim the cast before asking your doctor.

Inspect the cast regularly If it becomes cracked or develops soft spots, contact your doctor's office.